Arts Facts: What Americans Believe About the Arts


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Arts Facts: What Americans Believe About the Arts

What Americans Believe About The Arts

1. “The arts provide meaning to our lives.”

2. “The arts unify our communities.”

3. “Despite the benefits the arts provide, not everyone has equal access to the arts.”

4. “Arts institutions add value to our communities.”

5. “Most of us seek out arts experiences.”

6. “We experience the arts in unexpected places.”

7. “Across demographic groups, the arts are part of our lives.”

8. “We donate to the arts.”

9. “We will support candidates who want to increase arts funding.”

10. “We believe the arts are part of a well-rounded education.”

11. “We believe the arts should be taught in grades K–12.” 12. “We are making art in our personal time.”

13. “We engage in the arts because it makes us feel creative.”

14. “Social media increases our exposure to the arts.”

15. “Yes! Tattoos are art.”

Highlights from the 2015 public opinion poll, Americans Speak Out About the Arts, conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Americans for the Arts. 


Cohen, Randy
February 2017
What Americans Believe About the Arts

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