Creating Community: Art for Community Development


Research Abstract
Creating Community: Art for Community Development
From the introduction..."This study examines the relationship between community art and community development. Using data gathered from community-art projects in two Denver neighborhoods, the study describes the community-art process as a ritualistic setting for social interaction and documents the construction of neighborhood community. The author identifies the emergence of the social bonds of solidarity and collective identity that occurred as a result of bringing neighborhood residents together, providing a shared goal, and setting a common mood for the purpose of designing a community symbol...The author uncovers the unique characteristics of the community-art ritual that contribute to its effectiveness at building community and also discusses several policy implications for using community art to address social issues."
A qualitative sociological study of community-art projects in two Denver neighborhoods.

Periodical (article)
Seana S. Lowe
Journal of Contemporary Ethnography
Volune 29: Number 3
May, 2000

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Thousand Oaks
CA, 91320