Private Sector Giving to the Arts 2007-2019 (Giving USA Report)


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Private Sector Giving to the Arts 2007-2019 (Giving USA Report)
  • In 2019, private sector giving to the arts, culture, and humanities—by individuals, foundations, and corporations—was $21.64 billion, up 12.6% from a revised $19.21 billion in 2018. When adjusted for inflation, this represents a 10.6% increase.
  • As a percentage of all charitable giving, the arts held relatively steady at 4.8%. Maintaining a strong and steady share of overall philanthropy demonstrates relevance of the arts sector. Even small fluctuations in the share of total philanthropy have significant financial implications. 
  • Private contributions to all charities were up 4.2% in 2019 (+2.4% when adjusted for inflation) reaching $449.64 billion. Total giving by corporations giving soared 13.4% to $21.09 billion and foundations increased 2.5% to $75.69 billion. Individual giving rebounded with a 4.7% increase to $309.66 billion, following a decrease in 2018 (-2.3%).  

Source:  Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2019. Giving USA Foundation, June 2020.

Giving to the arts by individuals, foundations, and corporations grew 12.6% to $21.64 billion in 2019 (+10.6% when adjusted for inflation) and represented 4.8% of all charitable giving.



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