Author(s): Lewis, Ralph H.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1975

[This book] is an outgrowth of an earlier (1941) volume entitled Field Manual for Museums by Ned J. Burns, a work that went out of print during World War II and is, even to this day, in demand by curators and museum managers.

Author(s): White, Virginia P.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1979

Grants for the Arts gives the specifics of obtaining support for artistic activities from both the public and private sectors. Written by a well known and widely experienced expert in the field of grants administration, this book describes in a clear and easy to follow fashion the best methods for finding out about grants that are available.

Author(s): Clifton, Roger L.; Reinert, Richard L.; and Stevens, Louise K.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1987

In general, this manual is meant as a first step to identifying the root difficulties in small cultural organizations, especially for those that do not have access to professional consultants.

Author(s): Golden, Joseph
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1986

The community arts movement is young, barely a generation old, but has taken on some formidable and demanding tasks. Five of the more prominent tasks are viewed as solemn mandates: restore the relevance of the arts; get the arts back into the school curriculum; turn our communities into an Eden of the Arts; saturate the national with visiting performing artists; prescribe the arts as an antidote to the malaise of urban center. These five popular mandates constitute the structure of this book.

Author(s): Booth John E.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1992

Among the many fascinating anecdotes included in John E. Booth's The Critic, Power and the Performing Arts, is an exchange between Robert Shaw, the conductor of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in the 1960s and Jack Tarvey of the Atlanta Constitution. After listening to Mr. Shaw's complaints that the paper did not have a good music critic, Mr. Tarvey shot back and you're damn lucky we don't have one.

Author(s): Weil, Stephen E.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1985

Comments made on the nature of work and its definition in legal terms for artists.

Author(s): Wharton, John F.
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1974

Like A Fresh Look at Theatre Tickets, this report is my report to the Commission. It does not necessarily represent the views of the individual members of the Commission. The recommendations at the end of the report are, again, my recommendations, which the Commission may or may not follow.

Author(s): Taylor, Fannie and Barresi, Anthony Leonard
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1984

Primarily a chronicle of the first decade of federal arts policy, The Arts at a New Frontier records how arts policy was developed and administered by the National Endowment for the Arts. The title is appropriate and suggestive on many different levels. Most obviously, the momentum that culminated in the establishment of the NEA and, with it, of a federal commitment to support for the arts was set in motion during the New Frontier administration of John Kennedy.

Author(s): Bodo, Carla
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1988

The author examines the trend towards private financing of the culture in Italy. It can be confirmed that Italy has moved towards private financing of culture more quickly than any other country in Europe.

Author(s): Foundation Center
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1988

The directory is intended for use by grantseekers in locating potential support, grantmakers in learning more about other grantmakers, scholars researching the field, journalists reporting on contributions activities of the corporate world, and everyone generally interested in philanthropy.