Author(s): Boerner, Sabine
Date of Publication: Jun 01, 2004

This article elaborates a first concept for defining artistic quality in a nonprofit professional opera company. To specify the artistic quality of an opera company, we identify two components: profile quality and performance quality. The article discusses the limitations of this preliminary concept and considerations for further research on artistic quality in an opera company.

Author(s): Seifter, Harvey
Date of Publication: Apr 01, 2004

This article from the Arts & Business Quarterly Online, highlights the growth in the use of arts by corporations for employee training and organizational development. This represents a shift in the traditional definitions and boundaries of experiences relevant to business. Companies are beginning to view the arts and artists as a valuable resource for improving workplace skills, fostering creative thinking, and promoting the development of new leadership models.

Author(s): Becker, Jack
Date of Publication: Mar 01, 2004

This Monograph offers an overview of the field for people new to public art and reports on results from the first-ever survey of the Publica Art Network of Americans for the Arts.

Author(s): Wikoff, Naj
Date of Publication: Sep 01, 2002

This essay suggests a healing and strengthening role for the arts in this altered world. The beneficial function of the arts in health care has been documented over the past 20 years, with significant evidence that the arts have a powerful healing capacity when incorporated into hospitals, treatment facilities, senior care programs, and rehabilitation programs.

Author(s): Fichandler, Zelda
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2002

Transcript of Zelda Fichlander's lecture, for the 15th Annual Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public Policy.

Author(s): Sala, Maria-Mercedes, Editor
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2002

Guide dealing with the relationship between successful marketing of crafts and visual arts, and the appropriate use of intellectual property (IP) system instruments - points to situations where obtaining formal IP protection ought to be considered; explains how to implement marketing and IP strategies within a business framework and marketing management process; presents case studies and examples of managing IP assets in marketing from the craft and visual arts sectors in developing countries; includes bibliographical references (pages 134–135).

Author(s): Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2001

A strategic business plan, based on current research data, designed to address the needs and issues facing arts and cultural organizations and constituents in the Sacramento Metropolitan area.

Author(s): Kevin F. McCarthy and Elizabeth Heneghan Ondaatje
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2001

Examines the organizational features of the media arts, placing them in the context of the broader arts environment and identifying the major challenges they face.

Author(s): Chadwick, Annie and Norman, Wallace
Date of Publication: Dec 31, 2001

To qualify for business tax deductions, you must keep complete and accurate records of all income and expenses. If you do not, legitimate deductions may be lost and you run the risk of having your theatrical activities classified by the IRS as a hobby. If this occurs, you may not take theater-business deductions.

Author(s): William T. Cleveland, Patricia A. Shifford
Date of Publication: Aug 31, 2001

Continental Harmony is a project completed in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, which placed composers in 58 communities across the . The evaluation of this project begins to prove the broad efficacy of arts-based community development. This study would be of interest to funders, communities, and artists.