The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 1) & The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 2)


Research Abstract
The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 1) & The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 2)

Title: The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 1) & The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 2) Author: Dr. T. L. Osborne Book abstract: The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 1) & The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 2) provide a history of Hip Hop culture, through practical discourse, by bridging the gap between the past and current day Hip Hop and popular culture. Hip Hop cultures’ relevancy and influence can be debatable; depending on one’s perception. However, Hip Hop culture’s connection to history is immutable.

The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 1) & The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 2) describe the evolution of Hip Hop culture from the continent of Africa to America and how this rich history founded in African drumming and dancing has resulted in worldwide phenomena that impacts music and dance cross-culturally. The historical connections between Hip Hop culture and African culture, as well as the importance of identifying the impact of American historical periods, which includes: Slavery, Minstrel Shows, the Harlem Renaissance, Rock-and-Roll, the Black Arts Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Soul Music Era reveals how Hip Hop was created and the culture’s current day sustainability. Focusing on how each historical period has impacted Hip Hop culture allows readers to draw direct correlations between the past and present. Some historically significant themes, theories, controversies, and events that aid in further discussions about Hip Hop culture’s relevancy include topics such as: (1) hyper-sexuality and hyper-masculinity in rap lyrics and videos (2) the elements of Hip Hop (3) realistic and fantastical sides of Hip Hop culture (4) the controversy surrounding love and Hip Hop (5) the impact of education on artist development (6) the significance of whitewashing throughout history; especially in Hip Hop. Even though there are some complexities surrounding the culture, Hip Hop history continues to encourage readers to move beyond mere opinions about beats, who rappers, and album sales and focus on the past, present, and future of Hip Hop culture locally and internationally.

This abstract contains a sample document of the books.

"Why Am I Writing This Book? There are many aspects of Hip Hop culture that exceeds beyond just the beat, a dance, or a catchy hook. The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 1) & The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 2) are books that were created to make a connection between the past and the present, as it relates to Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop culture has been able to accomplish so much in such a very short period of time, most of which includes the bridging of generational and racial gaps locally and internationally. The hope; however, is that the culture continues to grow and evolve to a point where decades and centuries later, people will still be talking about some of the pioneers and innovators of such a wonderful musically inspired movement. The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 1) & The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 2) is not the know-it-all of the Hip Hop culture or any culture, but an honest attempt to provide insight about how the past affects the present and future. These books are inspired by actual lectures used to teach anyone who has an interest in Hip Hop culture, beyond just music. Discussing the connections between Hip Hop culture and history is significant. The fact that Hip Hop culture’s history derives from the continent of Africa and currently expands throughout the world is nothing shorter than amazing. Each topic mentioned in both of these books could have its own volume of work; however, the content expressed is condensed in a way to provide the reader with basic historical information and encourage personal reflection and research. Understanding the historical connection between Hip Hop and history, allows one to realize how the youth of an enslaved culture have managed to create a world-wide multi-billionaire phenomenon known as Hip Hop culture. For anyone to come from “Nothing into something” is inspirational. After reading these books, my sincerest hope is that anyone who reads these books will be able to appreciate Hip Hop culture and see the culture’s value on an educational level; in spite of the good, bad, and indifferent sides of the culture. These books are my life’s passion." [Introduction]


Dr. Osborne, T.L.
The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 1) & The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 2)
The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 1) & The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 2)