2007 National Arts Policy Roundtable HighlightsThe 2007 National Arts Policy Roundtable focused on the role of the arts in developing the creativity and innovation skills necessary to succeed in a global workplace. It builds upon the recommendations of the 2006 Roundtable, which focused on the future of private sector giving to the arts in America.

Workforce preparedness is increasingly cited as a key challenge to U.S. global competitiveness in numerous research and policy forums. However, a growing number of these studies have suggested that the current mode of academic preparation taking place in schools is insufficient in order to compete and succeed in the new global economic environment, especially in essential skills sets for the 21st century, including critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.

Many of these studies reference the need to reinforce the role the arts play in developing 21st century skills; yet, in many key policy forums, discussion of the arts as part of basic building blocks in developing a globally competitive workforce has been notably absent—even as emphasis on the issue has increased. 

Thirty-two leaders from the public and private sectors (pdf, 52 KB) convened at Sundance Preserve in October 2007 to consider this issue.

To provide the context from which the right questions could be developed, and policy options explored, Americans for the Arts undertook a year long investigation of the topic. New research on the attitudes of American business executives and public school superintendents toward creativity and innovation was launched in partnership with The Conference Board and American Association of School Administrators.

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