The 2018 National Arts Policy Roundtable, “Taking History Forward: The Arts as a Door to Dialogue and Change,” took place on September 13-15, 2018 in Sundance, UT. The topic sprung off the 2017 National Arts Policy Roundtable’s focus on the unique capacities the arts have to inspire, inform, promote and contribute to civic, social and community change. In 2018, we investigated this from two primary perspectives: that of the artist whose work is informed by a desire to inspire social change and for whom advocacy messages form an integral tool of their practice, as well as from non-arts organizations and issues which utilize artists as a way to help strengthen and transmit their missions.


2018 NAPR Briefing Book

2018 NAPR Participant List

Americans for the Arts gratefully acknowledges The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The NAMM Foundation and The Ruth Lilly Fund of Americans for the Arts for their support of the 2018 National Arts Policy Roundtable.