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Abstracts for articles found in the Arts & Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice

Arts & Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice was the official journal of the Arts & Health Alliance, published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group and was a former membership benefit of Arts & Health Alliance members. These articles are not available for download and listed here only to serve as a bibliography of available articles. Only journal articles produced during the Arts & Health Alliance joint agreement with the publisher are sited below. For newer journal articles visit Taylor & Francis Group's website.

  • Volume 2 Issue 1, March 2010

    • The state of arts and health in Australia
    • The arts, identity and belonging: A longitudinal study
      Using arts to enhance mental healthcare environments: Findings from qualitative research
    • The McSpoons”: Using puppetry's narrative impact to reduce family TV time
    • Art-making and identity work: A qualitative study of women living with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME)
    • Ethical issues in image-based research
  • Volume 1 Issue 2, 2009

    • The state of the arts in healthcare in the United States
    • Occupational strain and professional artists: A qualitative study of an underemployed group
    • Young farmers' photographic mental health promotion programme: A case study
    • On creating the discipline, profession, and evidence in the field of arts and healthcare
    • To the next power: How true cultural partnerships can exponentially grow a hospital arts program
  • Volume 1 Issue 1, 2009

    • The state of arts and health in England
      Morality, duty, and the arts in health: A project on Aboriginal underage pregnancy
    • New theories and research findings on the positive influence of music and art on health with ageing
    • Attending cultural events and cancer mortality: A Swedish cohort study
    • Metaphors of loss and transition: An appreciative inquiry
    • A note on designing evaluations of health effects of cultural activities at work
    • The MoMA Alzheimer's Project: Programming and resources for making art accessible to people with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers