Help us spread the word through your social media networks. Use these resources to share the message that the arts mean business.




• Use our AEP IV hashtag when you tweet: #AEP4

• Save space by using a shortened link in your tweets:

• Encourgage friends and colleagues to retweet you

Adapt these sample tweets to get the word out:

• New Arts & Economic Prosperity 4 study released by @Americans4Arts! What’s the economic impact of the arts? #AEP4

• The arts have a $135 billion economic impact in the U.S.! @Americans4Arts new study just released today. #AEP4

• 4.3 million = the number of FTE jobs created by the arts in the U.S.! @Americans4Arts has the scoop. #AEP4

• The arts in [MY COMMUNITY] generated $[XXX] in local government revenue. The arts in [MY COMMUNITY] mean business. #AEP4

• [XXXXX] = the number of full time equivalent jobs supported by the arts in [MY COMMUNITY]. The arts mean business! #AEP4

• MY COMMUNITY] took part in @Americans4Arts new economic impact study. The arts generated $[XXXXX] in [MY COMMUNITY]! #AEP4




Facebook is a great way to help create buzz around your AEP IV numbers:

• Adapt the framework of the examples above to update your Facebook status. Even though you have more characters than on Twitter, keep your messaging along these sames lines—short and simple

• Be sure to use a photo or image when you update your Facebook wall so that the post genterates more attention

• Encourage friends and colleagues to share and like your Facebook updates