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Randy Cohen, VP of Research & Policy at Americans for the Arts, presents the study’s major findings and explains what factors make up the total economic impact of the nonprofit arts and culture industry. (1:03). Share any of the videos on your organization's website by using the embed code found when you navigation to each video page.

Additional Videos

Economic Impact Measurements (1:37)
Randy explains the three measurements of economic impact used in Arts & Economic Prosperity IV and what they all mean.

Nonprofit Arts & Culture Audiences (1:03)
Randy expands on the idea of event-related audience spending, how the economic impact of this varies between local and nonlocal audiences, and why this proves that the nonprofit arts and culture industry are a cornerstone of cultural tourism. 

Input/Output Methodology (1:47)
The "input/output" economic model and rigorous study methodology used in Arts & Economic Prosperity IV is explained.

Arts and The Great Recession (2:19)
Randy sheds some light on how the arts held up during the Great Recession and how AEP IV helps to demonstrate the resiliency of the nonprofit arts and culture industry. 

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