Are you, or is someone you know, an Arts Action Hero? Out there, in communities large and small, a rising population of arts action heroes-armed with the tools of their craft and a vision of how their work contributes to a vibrant, healthy community-goes about their business, unsung, healing the sick, empowering the disempowered, saving the planet, driving the economy, creating a brighter, stronger America through art. And we want to hear those stories!

Send us your Arts Action Hero stories -- about you or someone else, or about a whole organization -- anyone who is working at the intersection of the arts and another sector (health and wellness, prisons, political activation, community dialogue, the environment, religion, education -- you name it, we're interested!).

Just submit your story below -- and submit a picture of the great work in action if you've got one too! Americans for the Arts may use these stories and photos (with appropriate credit given) on our website or in our online or print publications.

(i.e. Arts and Education, Arts and the Environment, Arts and Health, Arts and Business, etc.)
200-300 words max please--we'll contact you if we need more information!)