Americans for the Arts’ local field education training sessions come in a variety of formats and topics, mostly centered around one- to two-day intensive gatherings designed to empower and transform local arts agencies and their core constituencies. Our goal is to customize these training sessions to meet your local needs.

Topic areas for 2014, featuring staff experts and experts from the field, include:

  • The Diversity Dilemma: Dissecting the Local Arts Agency’s Role in Diversification
  • Cultural Districts and Placemaking 2.0: Creating, Maintaining, and Assessing Arts, Entertainment, and Cultural Districts
  • Across the Leadership Spectrum: Encouraging Successful Communication between Emerging, Mid-Career, and Executive Leaders in the Arts
  • Arming Yourself: How to Take National-Level Research and Make It Useful Locally

Local arts agencies, service organizations, foundations, corporate funders, and government agencies can stretch their granting and professional development dollars and impact more people by scheduling a local field education training today. These timely, hands-on workshops aim to make an arts community as dynamic as the art it supports.