Expore the research and information services we offer (listed below), or view answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions. Want to let us know how we can best support you and the work you do every day to promote the arts in your community? A member of the research services team is ready to help at [email protected].

Customized Economic Impact Studies

Starting at $3,500


How did one community go from the brink of eliminating all city government funding for the arts to counting on that funding as a reliable revenue source? According to our past research partners, the answer is one powerful advocacy tool: a customized economic impact study from Americans for the Arts!

Read the success story from one of our partners on ARTSblog and learn more about how you can partner with Americans for the Arts to conduct your own customized study.

View the sample documents and reports below for more information. To request a draft contract, contact Ben Davidson, senior director of research services, by phone at 202-371-2830 or by email at [email protected].

Creative Industries Reports

Starting at $35


As of April 2017, the Creative Industries reports reveal that there are 673,656 businesses in the United States involved in the creation or distribution of the arts. They employ 3.48 million people, representing 4.01 percent of all businesses and 2.04 percent of all employees, respectively.

It’s great to talk about it using the national findings, but it’s even better to get your own—and this valuable data can be localized to any geopolitical jurisdiction in the country. When you meet with policymakers or decision-makers, strengthen your case by bringing reports that have been customized for your state, county, city, council district, school district, or other area. Contact the Research Team for more information on how Creative Industries reports can help you, and how to get a customized report for your community.

Localized Surveys of Business Support for the Arts

Starting at $3,500


Interested in measuring the level of business support for and engagement with the arts in your community? Since 1969, Americans for the Arts—through its Business Committee for the Arts (BCA)—has been conducting the National Survey of Business Support for the Arts. This study is now conducted annually in partnership with The Conference Board. The survey looks at trends in support for the arts from small, midsize, and large US businesses that participate in corporate philanthropy, employee engagement, volunteer programs, or sponsorships.

Beginning in 2018, Americans for the Arts and The Conference Board are offering local arts organizations and the communities they serve the opportunity to participate in this national study. Each local participant will assist with the collection of surveys from businesses in their community, and each will receive a customized report about how their local businesses engage with and support the arts. The study participation fee is $3,500. Contact the Private Sector Initiatives team for more information about this research effort.

Web-Based Surveys

Starting at $3,500


Have research and data needs, but no time, manpower, or tools to fulfill them? Americans for the Arts offers complete web-based survey services from questionnaire design and implementation to data analysis and reporting.

With our advanced online survey tools, we will help you conduct the very same kind of surveys that the nation’s most competitive businesses employ in strategic planning, including customer feedback, employee satisfaction, and market research surveys.

Contact the Research Team for more information about web-based surveys and how we can help you fulfill your organization’s research needs—so you have time to achieve your mission.


Your work is important, and we look forward to helping you advance the arts in America!