Americans for the Arts' Regional Workshop program can create a variety of customizable trainings and workshops to assist you. These sessions come in a variety of formats and are flexible enough to meet your needs. Training and workshops can be targeted to arts, government, business, education, or combined community groups at the local, state, and national level. Programs use research, case studies, expert speakers, and interactive facilitation to attract attention and energize participation. We can offer experiences in a number of functional and topical areas to expand and enhance your ability to serve your community, offer your staff and arts and culture workforce access to targeted professional development and learn best practices. You can use the in-person experience to augment a suite of digital modules for an extended learning session.

Some areas where we can assist you:


Training artists to work in public art

Working in the public art field requires a unique understanding of community engagement, design, fabrication and legal issues. In this workshop, attendees will learn the best practices in applying for and developing public art projects, including an overview of contracts and working with communities.     

Public art contracts and legal issues

Public art is a rewarding practice for artists, administrators and communities that comes with its own unique set of legal issues. Understanding these issues from artists rights to contract negotiations is an essential component for executing a successful public art program or project.

Planning for public art in rural communities

Public art is on the rise in small cities and rural communities around the country and planning for public art in these areas come with their own unique opportunities. In this workshop, attendees will learn the best practices in developing public art, hear examples of in similar projects around the country and how to plan for public art integration into their communities.


Program Evaluation

Program relevance and effectiveness can be a key component of a healthy organization. Are you evaluating your work? Are you using the correct methods and capturing results that can benefit your storytelling and casemaking? We can help you find the right fit and target the best metrics to use for your organization and community. 

Cultural Tourism

Economic development is an area that most cross-sector partnerships look to the arts and culture community for support. Find ways to engage with destination marketing efforts to the benefit of your community.

Cultural Equity

Equitable access for all is a top priority for Americans for the Arts. What does equity mean in your organization? in your community? Learn ways to incorporate an equity lens in your practice and policy.


Whether it's Advocacy or advocacy, Americans for the Arts has a variety of methods to increase your organization's ability to inform and guide policy and lead advocacy efforts in and for your arts and culture community.


Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness:

Arts leaders work as managers, advocates, and community engagers who need to accurately understand their own and others’ emotions as well as manage those emotions to effectively lead, build relationships and communicate. In this workshop build your emotional intelligence to become more self and socially aware to improve your interpersonal skills to help build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively.

Building a Diverse Board:

This workshop will provide participants with tools to recruit and retain a diverse board. Specific attention will be paid to creating a welcoming board environment, cultivating a diverse network of potential board members, and the process of determining the appropriate board make up for your organization and its service area. Elements include: board perception, board documents, the onboarding process, and getting your board on board with diversity.

Developing Programs to Reach New Audiences

Reaching and retaining new audiences often requires new or revamped programming. In this workshop you will learn the foundations of program development and the steps to create relevant and inviting programming for your specific audiences. 

Design Thinking for Arts Leaders

All arts leaders need to be able to do more with less and take advantage of any opportunities that arise. Design thinking provides a process and tools to help you innovate and find opportunities to maximize your time and effort. In this workshop you will learn the foundations of design thinking and how to apply in your work. 

MARKETING (National Arts Marketing Project)

National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) workshops are results-driven, individualized marketing trainings brought right to your community. Think of NAMP marketing workshops as the opportunity to work with us in designing a comprehensive training program crafted to fit the needs of your organization: whether you’re undertaking a rebranding effort, need a social media deep dive, or seeking audience engagement tactics (just to name a few). To learn more visit's Training and Workshop web page.


Want to help your local arts community build its capacity to partner with the businesses? pARTnership Movement workshops train your local arts community how to work with and communicate to businesses about how partnering with the arts can provide a competitive edge. Whether your audience is artists, arts administrators, local business leaders, or a combination of all three, our in-person pARTnership Movement workshop program, Americans for the Arts staff will travel to you and your community to help you get started. Our workshops teach to the 8 Reasons for Businesses and the Arts to Partner, and we can cover a range of topics including arts and business 101, relationship building, employee engagement, program building and more. Contact the Private Sector Initiatives team to learn more and schedule a convening. 


Our Animating Democracy Program offers specific workshops as well as consultation services related to designing, implementing, funding, and assessing arts civic engagement and social change work. We also conduct research that informs field leaders in their efforts to connect arts and culture to community, civic, and social change.


In-person training can be a vital component of community development and skill building. It can give an experience to a larger group of people resulting in shared knowledge.

Our pricing structure is simple and designed to meet broad budget needs. A full day workshop typically costs $5,000. This includes staff support and preparation of curriculum, as well as promotion of your event. We also have half day workshops, keynote speakers and 1-2 hour workshop presenters available with fees starting at $500 plus travel expenses. Because we are committed to serving all communities, inluding those with limited resources, let us know if you require additional assistance or reduced fee consideration. We will do what we can to assist!


Don't see a workshop topic or category you need? No problem! Let us know by submitting a request for more information!