Social change is both the process and effect of efforts to positively alter societal conditions. It encompasses a range of outcomes—healing, increased awareness, attitudinal change, more diverse and increased civic participation, movement building, and policy change to name just a few.

Civic engagement encompasses the many ways that people may get involved in their communities to consider and address civic issues. Civic engagement can be a measure or a means of social change. In arts-based civic engagement, the creative process and resulting art work/experience can provide a key focus, catalyst, or space for civic participation, whether it is becoming better informed or actively contributing to the improvement of one’s neighborhood, community, and nation.

From urban interventions to youth development through theater to public art that explores our relationship to the environment to cultural organizing—creative social change work encompasses the myriad ways that the arts are being activated to engage people and make impact. Animating Democracy’s LANDSCAPE gives a big picture of individuals and organizations doing and supporting arts for change work.

Measuring the difference that we’re making in our arts for change work involves knowing what to look for as indicators of change and how to collect that evidence. Whether you are just starting to explore foundational terms and frameworks or want to dive right into evaluation tools and case studies, Animating Democracy’s Impact section is a storehouse of resources to help advance your evaluation work.

Looking for ways to build evidence of your impact? Check out the Social Impact Indicators section of Animating Democracy’s website for ways to express common social and civic outcomes. See how to translate outcomes to evidence you can measure. Learn different data collection strategies including how to effectively collect and analyze qualitative data.

Browse Animating Democracy's full directory of social change artist profiles and narrow your search by issue areas, disciplines, populations engaged, and more. To find groups and artists making social impact within a larger context, check out our Trend Papers by topic.

Animating Democracy is a program of Americans for the Arts that inspires, promotes, and connects arts and culture as potent contributors to civic and social change. Working locally, nationally, and across sectors, Animating Democracy creates useful resources for artists, cultural, and community leaders, and funders; builds knowledge about quality engagement and evaluation; and brings national visibility to arts for change work.

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Rep. Teresa Leger Fernández's picture

Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernández represents New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District. Born in Las Vegas, New Mexico, Leger Fernández is a 17th generation Northern New Mexican. As an attorney and advocate, she won important legal...

Billy Nungesser's picture

The 54th Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana, Billy Nungesser was elected in 2015 and took office in January 2016. Nungesser was moved to enter politics by the slow response from government following Hurricane Katrina. He left his business...

Rep. Debbie Dingell's picture

Representing Michigan’s 12th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell serves in House Leadership as a co-chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. She is a member of the...

Screenshot of the Social Impact Explorer wheel, with 30 wedges in a rainbow of colors.
May 20, 2022

Americans for the Arts has introduced a new 2.0 version of the Arts + Social Impact Explorer, the most comprehensive clearinghouse of example projects and research about the role of arts in community life available today. The Explorer provides examples, datapoints, links to research papers, and lists of active organizations to illustrate the impact of arts and culture in 30 aspects of community life from public health to transportation, safety, community cohesion, and innovation. 

Four simple line drawings of lion heads frame the inscription: “Chinatown Filipinotown Japantown Little Saigon / were all built on Resilience / We will survive this too.”
May 14, 2021

This week: Asian American artist-activists using their art to effect change against racism and stereotypes, the work of Newark Arts executive director Jeremy Johnson, the growing roster of speakers and sessions for the 2021 Annual Convention, and remembering Artists Committee member Jacques d’Amboise.

A bright orange text graphic that reads "2021 Annual Convention June 8-11, Reimagining the Future of the Arts, register today."
Apr 16, 2021

This week: we launched registration and opened scholarships to the 2021 Annual Convention, dove into arts policy and issues at the state and local levels, explored the importance of intersectionality in anti-racism work, reminded ourselves why creative employees make the best employees, and shined the spotlight on one of our dedicated members.

Photo looking through large glass windows into an art gallery. Text on the glass reads: Can you see me?
Nov 15, 2022

The Arts in Juvenile Justice Working Group is a conglomerate of organizations and stakeholders that are passionate about the Juvenile Justice system, as it relates to the integration of creative arts therapies. Working Group member SkyArt in Chicago provides visual art programming to young people ages 5 to 24 and is currently featuring an exhibition focused on artwork from incarcerated youth and explores the impact that incarceration has on the youth population.

Logo for GIVE - Growing Inclusivity for Vibrant Engagement
Sep 13, 2022

GIVE (Growing Inclusivity for Vibrant Engagement), created by New Victory and a consortium of teaching artists and arts administrators, is a free guide that supports Teaching Artists in the creation of liberated learning environments and vibrant arts experiences within inclusion settings.

CELC logo, white text on an orange background
Jun 23, 2022

Registration is now open for the Cultural Equity Learning Community 2.0, a two-unit, asynchronous anti-racism course for arts and culture leaders committed to building intersectional racial equity. Two cohorts (Summer and Fall 2022) are currently offered with a sliding scale payment structure. Registration closes on Wednesday, July 13 for the Summer cohort, and on Wednesday, Aug. 31 for the Fall cohort.

Explore the funding landscape for creative social change.
Cover for MAP Fund

Diving into Racial Equity: The MAP Fund’s Exploration

Follow the MAP Fund’s examination of biases in its grantmaking processes and learn how MAP is incorporating Animating Democracy’s Aesthetic Perspectives framework to help mitigate bias. Download for free!