Digital Marketing and Social Media

Should You Be Letting It Go?

As I was preparing for my presentation at the upcoming National Arts Marketing Project Conference, I interviewed a number of bloggers, digital media experts, marketers, and influencers to get their take on the highs and lows of using social influencers to promote your products and experiences. 

Social Media in an Arts Marketer’s Promotional Toolkit

Social media has become a bona fide and critical component of the customer path to purchase—and arts marketers are taking advantage, successfully using social media to make their organizations more relatable, promote upcoming shows or exhibits, and gain memberships with special announcements and behind-the-scenes content.

National Arts Marketing Project Kicks Off Second Pennsylvania Cohort

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Americans for the Arts, the leading organization for advancing the arts and arts education in America, is pleased to announce the second cohort of the Arts Marketing and Audience Engagement in the 21st Century: Building the Capacity of Pennsylvania’s Cultural Sector, a new, five-year initiative to strengthen and advance the arts marketing and audience engagement skills of Pennsylvania-based arts and cultural professionals. 

Author(s): Kristin Thomson, Kristen Purcell, and Lee Rainie
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2013

The report Arts Organizations and Digital Techologies shares results of a survey to explore how arts organizations use technology and how it impacts their work.

Cultural organizations like theater companies, orchestras, and art museums are using the internet, social media, and mobile apps to draw in and engage audiences, provide deeper context around art, and disseminate their work beyond the stage and the gallery.

Author(s): Vidyard
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2017

This report shares trends from analyzing data colleced from Vidyard video platform of more than 500 businesses over 600 million video streams in the year 2016.

Author(s): Salesforce
Date of Publication: Jul 07, 2017

This infographic focuses on the 8 key skills marketers must have according to Salesforce.

Author(s): Citipost Mail
Date of Publication: Mar 17, 2017

This infographic focuses on how Generation X and Baby Boomers are using social media, and how you can use this to inform and improve your online marketing campaigns.

How to Sell on Instagram

Do you want to use Instagram as a revenue stream?

Friday, November 25, 2016


Jasmine Star shares how to sell your products and services via Instagram. You’ll discover the advantages of using Instagram for selling.

Creating the Right Visual Hierarchy for Your Website

The ugly truth is: over the past 15 years, our patience has decreased. If you structure your web content into logical patterns, the chance of the average visitor leaving your site will decrease!

Author(s): Kara Bruney
Date of Publication: Jan 01, 2017

Just how good is your growth? As more people join social networks worldwide, is the value of your brand audeince depreciating?

Facebook’s Snapchat Envy Shows In Its New Stories And Camera

Like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger before it, Facebook is co-opting Snap’s bright ideas and trying to make them its own

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


For years now, Mark Zuckerberg has been confidently predicting that within half a decade, video will become the dominant form of content that folks share on Facebook. That expectation has led to features such as Facebook Live video streaming. But when it comes to encouraging people to share, the app’s primary call to action–the question “What’s on your mind?” and a text field–has continued to emphasize words over visuals.


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