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Search our Art Services Directory to connect with arts organizations in your area. This is not a complete list of organizations - only those who have worked with or are members of Americans for the Arts.

If you don’t see your organization here and would like to add it to our Directory, or would like to update your organization’s information, please email us at

Are you a recent graduate looking for arts internship opportunities, or an arts professional looking for a career change? Check out our job bank, which lists job opportunities at arts organizations and institutions across the country.

If you’re looking for internship opportunities, look no further than the Arts & Business Council of New York’s Multicultural Internship Program, designed to enhance diversity in the arts field and to offer graduating arts and business students a hands-on work experience.  
Americans for the Arts also hosts a group of interns four times a year. For information about internal internships, check out Internships and Volunteer Opportunities, and read here about opportunities to join our team.

When business professional join forces with arts organizations, everyone wins. Business Volunteers for the Arts pairs nonprofit arts groups with specially trained business executives who volunteer their time and skills to assist with distinct management projects.

Volunteers contribute their time and talent to arts organizations who could use skilled help, and provides the volunteers unique leadership development opportunities—allowing them to apply and expand their professional skills and gain new perspectives by working outside their field.

Professional conferences and arts events offer a great opportunity to network with others in the arts industry from across the country. Americans for the Arts offers offers trainings and professional development opportunities at our events.

If you’re interested in attending arts events in your area or a location you’re visiting, try using our Arts Meet Calendar, available year-round for arts organizations to add their upcoming events and schedules.