For the 2017 Annual Convention, Americans for the Arts and our members are heading to San Francisco to explore this iconic arts destination and to discuss the pressing issues of equity, accessibility, and community building. With a vibrant culture and history of experimentation, San Francisco has long been a haven for artists and innovators. During the tumultuous summer of 1967, thousands sought out San Francisco for refuge in expression, community and art.
On the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, join us in helping transform our communities and organizations, and discover what makes San Francisco such a culturally vibrant and creative city!

This year’s Annual Convention will explore the role of the arts in creating and sustaining healthy, vibrant, equitable communities. Talks will revolve around five core themes:

Engaging Equity: How do we learn and lead in pursuing equity inside and outside the arts?
Inspiring Activation: How can we support activist and experimental spirit in the arts?
Embracing Reinvention: How can we be proactive in moments of transformation?
Celebrating Optimism: How can we raise up the creativity and hope within our communities?
Building Skills: What are the primary skills needed for individuals to succeed in the arts today?

Registration is now open!

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