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Friday, February 23, 2018 - 6:00pm - 09:00pm

MAC Jupiter Galery
Event Description

Coming off major shows at the Polk Art Museum, Art Miami, Scope, and more, Jason Myers exhibits Exactly, Who Are We? with MAC Art Galleries for a one-of-a-kind curated show. MAC Art Galleries is pleased to present Jason Myers, whose unique style and technique has solidified his standing as a highly collectible artist in the world of contemporary art.
Drawing from a wealth of personal experiences, cultural and societal issues, the artwork of Jason Myers depicts expressive figures adrift in a psychological landscapes layered with political and social undertones.
“Most importantly, my subject is ‘ourselves.’” Jason states, “My works are a reflection and metaphor for all of us. Since the beginning of art, with the cave paintings at Las Caux, artists have emulated themselves. As humans, we recognize and relate to our own reflections better than anything. A common element we all understand and a narcissistic view of the center of our universe.”
During the art-making process, Myers often takes his mixed-media works through a journey of traditional and digital realms. The pieces often start with classical forms of expression such as a painting or drawing that is then digitally scanned, manipulated and transferred to canvas where the image once again receives hand-painted treatments and a layer of resin.
The complex, layered and exquisitely executed artwork aims to spark conversation by evoking visceral reactions from the audience. Exactly, Who Are We? encourages the audience to reflect and contemplate our very being.



MAC Jupiter Galery
4601 Military Trail, Unit 101
33458 Jupiter, FL
United States
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