What are the awards categories?
You can nominate companies for our BCA 10 awards for their partnerships with the arts. You can also nominate an individual business person for the BCA Leadership Award in recognition of his/her leadership in supporting the arts or you can nominate an arts organization/artist and business for the David Rockefeller Fund pARTnership Award.

Who can nominate a company?
Anyone can do it—an individual, an arts organization, pr company or business employee.

Which companies are eligible?
For the BCA 10, businesses of all sizes that support the arts in the United States are eligible. Tax-exempt nonprofit organizations are ineligible. Once a company has been selected as a BCA 10 honoree or BCA Hall of Fame honoree, there is a 3-year period of ineligibility before a nomination can be submitted. For the BCA Leadership Award, senior executives are eligible.

What information is needed to nominate a company?
You are asked to submit a 600-word nomination statement. This statement should address how the nominee supports the arts including: leadership, long-term commitment, impact, addressing community needs, employee and customer involvement, and encouraging other companies to support the arts.

What happens after a nomination form is submitted?
After a nomination form is submitted, Americans for the Arts will email the company contact provided in the nomination form with a questionnaire designed to elicit more specific information about the company's arts engagement and support. Completed questionnaires (typically between 4 and 8 pages in length) and nomination forms will be printed and mailed to our panel of judgesrepresentatives from the worlds of arts and business. All nominators and nominees will be notified of the results once the decisions have been tallied. The BCA Leadership Award and David Rockefeller Fund pARTnership Award are selected by our BCA Executive Board.

Learn more about the BCA 10 Awards. Questions? Email bca@artsusa.org.

The following companies have recently been honored at the BCA 10 gala for their outstanding support of the arts. They are currently ineligible for the 2018 BCA 10 Awards. We congratulate them on their recent honor!

21c Museum Hotels
Ameriprise Financial
Austin Energy
Badger Meter
BNY Mellon
Cardinal Health
CopperPoint Insurance Companies
Corning Incorporated
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Duke Energy
Dunlap Codding
GE's FirstBuild
Guitar Center Inc.
Halekulani Corporation

Houston Methodist
Humana Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Kaiser Permanente Colorado
Lincoln Financial Group
M Powered Strategies, Inc.
Magic Hat Brewing Company
Northern Trust
Northwestern Mutual
NV Energy and the NV Energy Foundation
Procter & Gamble
Prospective, Inc.
Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods
The Betsy-South Beach
The Trust Company of Kansas
U.S. Bank