These posters were designed as part of National Arts & Humanities Month 2022. Congratulations to all the artists for their fantastic work and thank you for participating!


Typographic designed with a hieroglyphic tablet layout in bright colors. Encrypted  'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022'.

Eduardo Muñoz
Arts Connection San Bernadino County
Rialto, CA

All Different, All Together

Painting of many colorful dots in a grid pattern. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Raphaele Cohen-Bacry
California Arts Council
Los Angeles, CA


Watercolor painting of an American flag with paint bleeding beyond borders in a way to suggest the flag is distressed. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Sandra Encauoa
Miami Dade Arts
Miami, FL

Amy Isenberg National Arts and Humanities Month 2022

Stripes in shades of red, blue, peach, and yellow line the background. In the foreground are two number 1 trophies, drawn sitting on clouds. A rainbow of black lines connects the two.

Amy Isenberg
Arts Council of Johnson County
Overland Park, KS

Art Is Power

Painting of person looking into a flame with a crown floating above their head. Text: Art is Power.

Amelia Steiner
Fulton County Arts & Culture
Atlanta, GA


Painting of Kobe Bryant as the Avatar in neon colors. Text: National Arts and Humanities Month 2022.

Rey Simpauco
San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs
San Jose, CA


A painting of an eye that is surronded by a collage of colors and stripes of colors of various textures.

Julie Kitzes
Denver Arts & Venues
Denver, CO

Between Heaven and Earth

A drawn person in a dark blue jacket and brown pants stands on a black platform. Smiling, they hold up a blue sky.

Hans van Meeuwen
Arts Society of Kingston
Kingston, NY

The Brilliance of the Arts

Painting of a singer, a smiling person, and a violinist in bright colors. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Kennadee Gabby
Little Egypt Art Association
Marion, IL

Butterfly Charlie

Painting of a fairy child walking into a lush forest with National Arts & Humanities Month logo in the bottom right corner.

Hannah Scott
Bloomington Arts Commission
Bloomington, Indiana

Casey Martin NAMH 2022

A paint of a gold trophy sitting on a brown platform against a blue sky. The trphy features the National Arts and Humanities Month logo and text.

Casey Martin
Arts Council of Johnson County
Overland Park, KS

Card Studio

Colored pencil drawing of an artist's table filled with paint, brushes, and paper. In the center are two illustrated cards. One reads: Fall seven times, stand up eight - Japanese proverb. The other reads: A journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath one's feet - Lao Tzu.

Lydia Land
Medford Center for the Arts
Marlton, NJ

Chamber Music / OC Celebrates the Arts in Orange County

Two photos of the Chamber Music of OC performing with a colorful background. National Arts & Humanities Month logo center.

Luchi Jiang
Chamber Music | OC
Irvine, CA

Championing the Arts Trophy

A drawing of a person standing on a pedestal, surronded by large flowers. The person is wearing a baseball cap and holding a palette and brushes and painting of the same flowers that surrond him.

Brad Friedman
Arts Council of Johnson County
Overland Park, KS

Championing the Creative Spirit

A colorful red background features an illustration of a persons head with a crown on top. Inside the crown is a skull with pink smoke coming out of the eyes leading up to a paintbrush. It features the text, 'national arts and humanities month, October 202

Carolyn Rose-Grayson
The Arts Council of Fayetteville
Fayetteville, NC

Championing the Creative Spirit

A yellow background fades to colors of blues and reds that are in the vague shapes of people walking together.

Racine Arts Council
Racine, Wisconsin

Championing the Creative Spirit

Drawing of abstract figures with expressive eyes covered in stars. Text: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Nevada Arts Council
Las Vegas, NV

Choose Your Fighter

Drawing of six muses in individual panels. Text: Choose your fighter. National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Allison Acosta
Nebraska Arts Council
Chadron, NE


Collage on a dark brown background of green and pink balls of varying sizes and white and tan palm tree outlines. It features the text 'national arts and humanities month.'

Yuno Bonds
Gainesville, FL


Drawing of Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong-Il. 'National Arts & Humanities Month.' 'Communists'.

Seyed Ali Miraee
Fulton County Arts & Culture
Atlanta, GA


Photo of an abstract heart shaped sculpture made of tightly wound paper disks and rods. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Flavia Lovatelli
One Columbia Arts & Culture
Columbia, SC

The Creative Cephalopod Champion

Illustration of an octopus coming out of green water holding paintbrushes. Above it in orange is the text 'national art and humanities month 2022.'

Kimberly Jane Burnett
Milwaukee Arts Board
Milwaukee, WI

Creatively Human

Drawing of a person playing a guitar made from an artist's palette next to the NAHM logo. 'Championing the Creative Spirit.'

Thomas Clark
Arts Orange County
Capistrano Beach, CA

Creative Spirit II

Illustration showing the National Arts & Humanities Month logo and the phrase, creative spirit.

Mike Holsomback
Georgia Council for the Arts
Fort Ogelthorpe, GA

The creative spirit in us all

Drawing of a hand holding a paint brush with a dancer, music notes, and drama masks. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Kala McKinney
Gateway Regional Arts Center
Mt. Sterling, KY

Dancing Spirits

Drawing of silhouetted figures dancing alongside birds and flowers. Text: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Kassel Millay
South Arts
Atlanta, GA

Dancing Through October

On a yellow background a person holds a pose, wearing jeans and a colorful jacket. The person has drawn, neon yellow lines emphasizing his pose.

Hannah Crickman
Salina Arts & Humanities
Salina, KS

The DJ at the Piano

Photo and illustration collage of a young person sitting at an upright piano. On the wall behind the piano in an inspirational position is a picture of an adult DJ spinning records.

Melissa Smith
Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts
Baltimore, MD

Eric Pape National Arts and Humanities

A painting with different colored squares layered on top of each other. In the middle a trophy, the outline painted in gold with specks of other colors.

Eric Pape
Arts Council of Johnson County
Overland Park, KS

Exhaling the Creative Spirit

A photograph of a painting of a person, eyes wide and mouth wide. Their head is exploded into a number of colors.

Sam Sullivan
Chattanooga, TN

Flight of the Champions

Drawing of four people flying around a large gold trophy in front of a blue sky. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Gregory Malouff
Arlington Arts
Arlington, VA


Drawing of a hand with a pen creating abstract black and white cartoons. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Joy Edwards
Art Reach - Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant, MI

Garden Scene

Drawing of flowers and insects with very bright colors. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Beth Kuiper
Gallup Arts
Gallup, NM

Guard the Values of Human Universal Civilization

Drawing of people holding hands in front of a globe. 'A man, a woman, a healthy family, and a history of human civilization.'

Liyuan Zhang
Juneau Arts & Humanities Council
Juneau, AK

He(art) Teacher

Painting of a young person painting. Four other young people look on. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022'.

J.A. Medcalf
Illinois Arts Council Agency
Chicago, IL

Heart to the Moon

Painting of two hands, one yellow reaching out to a white orb, one purple reaching for a heart with a peace sign inside. A speckled green border surrounds the painting. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month.

Theresa Angela Taylor
Delaware Division of the Arts
Dover, DE

Humanity II

On a black and speckled painted background, there is an outline in gold paint of a person sitting in a meditation pose.

John Boudreau
LA County Arts
Los Angeles, CA


Drawing of teal and light blue lines against a yellow background. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Valerie Hartman
Monmouth Arts
Little Silver, NJ

I Am What I Love

Drawing of person sitting on a tower of televisions, computers, and speakers. Text: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Viktoria Martinez
Riverside Arts Council
Riverside, CA


Two drawings of hands playing a string game similar to Cat's Cradle. The first one has the hands bound up in the string. Next is text that reads, imagine.

Dave Loewenstein
Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission
Lawrence, KS

Joy of the Arts

Impressionistic painting of two people in short dresses skipping or dancing on a street in front of a building cascading with red flowers. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Scott Little
Broward County Cultural Division
Davie, FL

The Joy of Youthful Summer Creativity

Photo of a smiling young person giving the camera a thumbs up as they sit at a table drawing a picture with crayons. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Steve Dudrow
Virgin Valley Artists' Association
Mesquite, NV

The King's Army

The shadows of five warriors with spears and shields stand at the bottom of a rainbow wave. At the top is a lion standing on a chair.

S.L. Yang
Centennial Arts and Cultural Foundation
Centennial, CO

Let Your Creative Spirit Flow

Abstract line drawing of a person with orange and blue paint splatters where their head would be, and a large white grin showing through. The poster background is decorative swaths of blue and yellow. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022, Championing the Creative Spirit.

Miguel Avila
Missouri City, TX


Comic book style drawing of humans and alien type creatures engaged in gun and laser battles. A smiling face in a circle sits near the top of the drawing. Text reads: Mark Starks, Martian & Me.

Mark Starks
Michigan Arts and Culture Council
Freeland, MI

The Mystic

A partical face in the foreground of a cloudy water landscape background. A book with some letters flying off of it.

Donna M. McCarthy
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts
Wakefield, RI

NAHM Poster

Collage of many small overlapping drawings of people and buildings. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Michael Fleishman
Delaware Arts Alliance
Milford, DE

NAHM Poster

Painting of a trophy filled with colorful brush strokes. Text: Championing the Creative Spirit.

Madison Kinney
Nebraska Arts Council
Chadron, NE

National Arts & Humanities Month

Photo of a misty mountain landscape at sunrise or sunset. Red font at the top reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022. Yellow script font in the middle reads: Championing the Creative Spirit.

Vickie R. Johnson
Vienna, GA

National Arts & Humanities Month Poster

Drawing of two colorful hands grasping each other with green and yellow background. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Mariam Ali
Haggerty Museum of Art
Mequon, WI

Natural Beauty

Drawing of a paint brush surrounded by NAHM logo, instruments, dancers, and art palettes.

Thomasina Durkay
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
Pittsburgh, PA

Neurographic National Arts & Humanities

Illustration of large and small abstract shapes colored orange, yellow, green, and blue. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Liza Guitierrez
Art Reach - Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant, MI

A New Frontier

Collage illustration showing a person in a thoughtful pose. Behind them is a stack of images, some abstract, including a fish, a bird, and other objects. Overlaid text at unusual angles reads: Paradigm shift, #WhatIs Art, Pioneer, New Frontier.

Jennifer Willoughby
North Metro Arts Alliance
Westminster, CO

New Wave - In and Out - Ganesha

Abstract image of woven material snaking back and forth across the iamge. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Naoko Morisawa
Office of Arts & Culture Seattle
Lynwood, WA


Illustration of an abstract face with jagged edges and pieces tearing away. Partially obscured text reads: Today's weathering report at 5:30 local network. Up next … what's up with your neighbor Matt?

Lydia Yu Chen
Arlington Arts
Arlington, VA

the nine muses visiting

Line painting of a face with closed eyes and hearts on their cheeks, holding items that resemble pens and paintbrushes. Colorful dotted circles are stacked on their head like hair or a hat, and is echoed at the figure's neck like a pendant. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Kristen Devlin
Arts Council of Johnson County
Mission, KS

Not by Bread Alone

A photograph of fall leaves on the ground transitions to an orange wood background with a sculpture sitting in front. The sculpture is bronze in color and features two adults huddling together, one holding a child.

Joshua Golden
Humboldt Arts Council / Arts Council Mendocino
Piercy, CA

Painted Poet

Painting of Pikes Peak poet laureate, Ashley Cornelius. Text: October is Arts Month.

Colin Christie
Cultural Office of the Pikes
Colorado Springs, CO


Photos of a sunset are overlayed on a photo of a wooden, posable figurine. There are also drawn transparent circles and paint splatters.

Rebecca Vecchiarelli
Carson City Arts & Culture Coalition
Carson City, NV

People Are Complicated

Photo illustration showing a jar of paintbrushes and text that reads: Empathy. Understanding. People are complicated…more than one type of experience is possible.

Peter A Clark
Salina Arts & Humanities
Salina, KS

Pumping Up the Art

A drawing of a  person in a weightlifiting outfit, lifting a barbell with rockets on the end. Above the person is a barbell with a flame in the middle and the text, 'national arts and humanities month.'

Lee Giesler
Arts Council of Johnson County
Overland Park, KS

Ride the Wave

Painting of crashing blue wave in front of a grey sky. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Lynn Jarrad
Art League of Germantown
Germantown, MD

Rise Up

Illustration of a human silhouette with a halow around its head against a background that includes patterns of leopard print and computer chip circuits. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Russell Stephanchik
Heights Arts
Cleveland Heights, OH

Rough Around the Edges

Abstract painting with orange, green, and black shapes underneath a banner that reads 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Sally Fica
Morris Arts
Morris Plains, NJ

Ryan Sikes NAHM 2022

On a dark blue background, the same image is repeated four times. The image is a drawing of a person in in blue and red with checkboard eyes. The person is wearing a yellow crown.

Ryan Sikes
Arts Council of Johnson County
Overland Park, KS

Summoning the Stars of Art

Drawing of a person holding up a torch. The NAHM logo radiates out from the flame. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022'.

Rico Arana
Winchester Dondero Cultural Center
Las Vegas, NV

Tribute to Helen Cixous

A light yellow background with a white circle in the middle. In the white circle are blue and red paint strokes along with the words 'censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time.'

Sally Brown
Arts Council of Greater Morgantown
Morgantown, WV

Tribute to Ukraine

Painting of sunflowers against a blue sky. Between the sunflowers are shapes colored in various shades of pink and red. It features the text, 'national art and humanities month 2022. Tribute to Ukraine.'

Rosalie Marsh-Boinus
Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival
Laguna Beach, CA


Drawing of people creating art, music, and drama surrounded by pink clouds. 'National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.'

Rey Velasquez Sagcal
The Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts
Baltimore, MD


A drawing of an octopus, sitting on a stool surronded by walls filled with paintings. The octopus is holding a palette and painting on a canvas on an easel. The painting is an octopus city.

Ivy Rose Smith
Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts
Baltimore, MD

The Vessel

Illustration of a person standing in a large orange seashell on a flowery shoreline. They wear a backless red garment, a white ribbon around their short cropped dark hair, and red branches tucked into the ribbon. White and blue birds fly past over their head and over water in the background. Text reads: National Arts & Humanities Month 2022.

Steven Kenny
Floyd Center for the Arts
Check, VA

The World Experience

Drawing of a brain surrounded by world flags. 'NAHM. The great history events of the world take place in the brain.'

Tafari Saunders
Arts Society of Kingston
Kingston, NY

We Love Arts and Humanities!!

A group of people drawn in the colors of National Arts and Humanities Month, gather together and smile for a selfie.

Kitty Newcomb
Milwaukee Arts Board
Milwaukee, WI

You're Growing

Drawing of a red flower on a tall leafy green stalk in a simple line drawing style. Text reads: It's ok if you're not there yet. I see you growing.

Cassandra Smith
Firehouse Arts Center
Longmont, CO