National Arts & Humanities Month Logos

New in 2022: The National Arts and Humanities Month logo and color palette have been refreshed and expanded! More logo layouts and color options allow for added flexibility in promoting your celebrations and activities. File types include .AI, .EPS, .JPG, .PNG, and .SVG. These logos are provided for free use by anyone and can be downloaded via the links below. Designers may download and use the accompanying NAHM branding guideline document (PDF download).

Logo with orange star icon and four stacked lines of blue text beside it reading 'National Arts & Humanities Month'

Short horizontal logo pack – 4 MB download

Logo with orange star icon and two stacked lines of blue text beside it reading 'National Arts & Humanities Month

Long horizontal logo pack – 4 MB download

Logo with orange star icon and four stacked lines of blue text below it reading 'National Arts & Humanities Month

Vertical logo pack – 4 MB download

Logo with orange star icon and blue text that reads: NAHM

Acronym logo pack – 4 MB download

Star icons in five colors of circles: blue, teal, orange, lime, and yellow

NAHM star icon in a variety of colors – 20 MB download

Ways to Engage

National Arts & Humanities Month is an excellent opportunity to be more inclusive across your community and engage organizations and populations you may not interact with on a regular basis. For tips on how to thoughtfully and intentionally engage across cultures, download and use this guide to equitable engagement (PDF download).

  • Check out our 31-day Instagram challenge! See our 2022 daily themes and what was posted all month long on #ShowYourArt2022.
  • Ask for a local government proclamation. Your mayor, city council, even your governor can officially declare National Arts & Humanities Month—and our sample proclamation (Word document download) will make it easy. Read our one-page How-to Guide (PDF download) for help making the ask to your local government.
  • Engage with the “Championing the Creative Spirit” poster competition! Visit the poster competition page to see the winners and a complete gallery of entries.
  • Get the word out to the media, even if you’ve never spoken to the press before! Read our tips on working with the media (PDF download) to garner attention for virtual events in your community. Download our press release template (Word document download) and customize it for where you live. Or, get advice on how to write an op-ed or letter to the editor (PDF download) for your local paper.
  • Share information about NAHM on social media and in your organizational newsletters. Sample language and links can be found in this Communications Toolkit (Word document download).
  • Watch a recording of Americans for the Arts’ October Member Briefing, which took place October 11, 2023 with a focus on National Arts & Humanities Month. This free virtual briefing featured an interview with 2022 NAHM ambassador India Carney, as well as a glimpse into what our members are doing to honor the arts and humanities in their community this fall.

Promoting Your National Arts and Humanities Month Event

Arts and culture are a vital part of every community. As the arts sector continues to rebuild from the effects of COVID-19, National Arts & Humanities Month is a perfect moment to show support for the arts in YOUR community with a virtual or safely presented cultural event. Once you’ve planned an event, the next step is to reach out to the community. Here are some ways to encourage friends, neighbors, colleagues, and community members to take part in the arts this October!

  • Send a press release/media alert to your local news outlets. Use our sample press release (Word document download) to get started.
  • Advertise on a local event website or add to a calendar of events in your local newspaper or newsletter.
  • Arrange for emails and fliers about National Arts & Humanities Month to be sent to your local community through Chamber of Commerce or Community organizers. Include information about local artists and events.
  • Write an op-ed piece, letter to the editor, or editorial for your local newspaper.
  • Get artists involved by asking them to reach out to their networks personally or via social media. They can also design posters, bumper stickers, and buttons to promote National Arts & Humanities Month in community gathering spots and on social media (be sure to give the artist proper credit!).
  • Showcase your event on social media using the #NAHM hashtag and share with your community. Send reminder emails to friends and co-workers, and ask your network to share your posts.
  • Have some fun and think of your own creative ways to spark interest!

More Ways to Celebrate

  • If arts events are happening safely where you live, go with your family or a friend (don’t forget to follow local regulations!) to a sculpture garden, an outdoor concert, or the reopening of your local community theater.
  • Try something new and take a class in creative writing, dance, painting, or whatever strikes your fancy. Search the internet for in-person or online arts classes in your community.
  • Enjoy the arts virtually, on your own, or with people you love. Play with clay, draw, and make music with your kids at home. Watch a documentary on a favorite artist or visit a digital exhibition online. Sing, dance, read a book, or “paint and sip” with small groups of friends. And many arts activities are still easy to do “together” over virtual platforms like Zoom or party apps!
  • Write to your local elected officials, letting them how important arts and arts education funding is to you, your family and your community. Use our Arts Action Center to easily find your representatives and send them a message.