Arts Education Award

Presented to a noted artist or arts advocate with a track record of contributing to the advancement of arts education.

Ted Arison Young Artist Award

Presented to an individual who has achieved incredible accomplishments and exemplary leadership while still early in their career.

Philanthropy in the Arts Award

Presented to an individual with a demonstrable history of philanthropic giving to one or more major arts institutions.

Legacy Award 

Presented to an individual with a long history of leadership with Americans for the Arts, who has played a key role in helping to sustain the infrastructure of support for the arts in our country and in shaping our nation's cultural policy.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to a nationally recognized, established artist with a lifetime of exemplary artistic accomplishment in his or her field.

Marina Kellen French Outstanding Contributions to the Arts Award

Celebrates the commitment of an established artist and / or advocate who works to create positive social change in America and across the globe.

Special Recognition Award

Presented to an artist, organization, or individual who has either displayed exemplary artistic accomplishments in their field or made a significant contribution to cultural development in America, or to a young artist who can make a compelling argument for the influence of the arts in his or her life.


Not all categories are awarded each year.