“Cities and towns across the country are inviting arts and culture to the table  to define and address civic problems; to inspire, challenge, imagine, and build new civic futures; to boost image and identity; to drive revitalization and economic growth. Projects, with art at the center, that are both authentic and fresh, are creating jobs, re-activating old spaces, connecting neighbors, increasing tourism, and offering hope as communities look forward. It is time to publicly recognize the best examples of these efforts. Ovation is  providing that opportunity.”      - Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO Americans for the ArtsOvation developed the innOVATION Grant Program to fund and recognize the impact of artists and the arts in communities’ revitalization efforts. The grant program is currently CLOSED.

We are pleased to announce the innOVATION Grant Program awardees!

$25,000 Awards

• Tacoma Arts Program, Tacoma, WA
• Beet Street, Ft. Collins, CO 
• Lanesboro Arts Center, Lanesboro, MN 

$10,000 Awards

• Arts Quest, Bethlehem, PA
• CulturalDC, Washington, DC

In addition, voting is still taking place for the "Viewers' Choice Award" of $15,000 at http://ovtn.tv/viewerschoice.

Eligibility (At the Time of Application)

About the innOVATION Grant Program

Eligibility (at the time of application)

  • Applicants must be Americans for the Arts Organizational Members.
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  • Only one submission per community will be accepted.
  • All applicants will be eligible to compete for the Viewers’ Choice Award.
  • A community revitalization program, with the arts at its core, and a demonstrated record of success already in place.
  • Applicants must be willing to be featured in various Ovation electronic media and print publications.
  • Applicants must be nominated by an elected official (Mayor, County Executive, etc.).


  • The creativity and innovation of the revitalization project.
  • Evidence that the community has made artists and the arts central to their community revitalization strategies.
  • Evidence that the project has contributed to community revitalization and economic development.
  • Evidence that the project has directly benefitted the arts and artists in the community.
  • Specific plans for future arts-based revitalization OR specific plans for how the grants funds will further arts revitalization efforts in the community.
Required Supplementary Material
Organizations were required to submit all of the following supplementary materials in support of their applications:
  • One-page letter of support from an elected official. (Mayor, etc.)
  • One to three images relating to the project in jpg or png format.


The innOvation Grant Program is CLOSED.