Aug 02, 2023
A photo of a smiling person with medium length dark brown hair sits in the middle of a tan background.

Nolen Bivens, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts, announces the appointment of Cari Romeu Mozur to the newly created staff position of Senior Vice President of Relationship Development, effective today.

Jul 21, 2023

Americans for the Arts mourns the passing of legendary entertainer Tony Bennett, who died on Friday, July 21, at the age of 96.

Jun 27, 2023

I have a Golden Rule at Americans for the Arts: “No numbers without a story, and no stories without a number.”

The arts are all about stories—often small, always meaningful.

Apr 03, 2023
Drawing of a brown horse pulling a black carriage in front of green lawn and large white house in background.

Each April, National County Government Month, celebrates the work of county government employees in communities across the country. This year’s theme, “Counties RISE!,” stands for Resiliency, Inclusion, Solvency, and Empowerment. And the exclamation point captures the enthusiasm and passion for local county stories. From events to social media to proclamations, get to know more about your local county this month! For the second year in a row, Americans for the Arts is thrilled to sponsor NACo's “I Love My County Because” wall calendar, composed of artwork from students in grade K-12.

Mar 29, 2023
Regina Burgher, Jeanne-Marie Osterman, and Nolen Bivens standing smiling in a long hall full of books. Burgher is holding a check, and Osterman is holding her book, Shellback.

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, poet Jeanne-Marie Osterman met with Americans for the Arts President & CEO Nolen Bivens at the Yale Club in New York City to discuss her recent poetry book, Shellback. During the meeting, Osterman donated royalties from her book to Americans for the Arts to help support the National Initiative for Arts & Health Across the Military.  

Feb 16, 2023
A six-piece brass band performs on stage in front of an enthusiastic audience, against a colorful backdrop that reads: Annual Convention 2022.

During 2022’s Strategic Realignment Process, we worked with members and other stakeholders to identify the specific and unique role of Americans for the Arts within the arts and culture community. While we continue to evaluate and evolve our offerings, here’s the latest update on some of our flagship events, including the National Arts Action Summit, Annual Convention, and the National Arts Marketing Project Conference.

Dec 19, 2022
Two smiling people pose in front of a colorful wall of art. They lean toward each other in collegial friendship.

Having launched the Animating Democracy program in 1999, Co-Directors Barbara Schaffer Bacon and Pam Korza have decided that 2022 completes their tenure providing program leadership for this transformative initiative. In 2023, Americans for the Arts will determine Animating Democracy’s next chapter by assessing what the organization can uniquely offer and exploring possible partnerships. We will also continue to promote Animating Democracy’s tools and resources.

Dec 15, 2022
Screenshot of an online database showing images and descriptions of resources.

As a key strategy in supporting the development of inclusive creative economies across the nation, this database provides a distilled jumping off point for learning and growth related to community- and asset-based approaches for equitable development. 

Nov 03, 2022
Text graphic with a neutral colored background and pink and yellow painted smudges at left and right. Stylized text reads: Free People x Americans for the Arts Presents The Creative Spirit Fund, supporting the arts in public schools across the nation.

Americans for the Arts and lifestyle brand Free People today announced a first-time partnership, which includes a Creative Spirit Fund that empowers public school arts educators to fund the next generation of diverse creators. The partnership advocates for the importance of arts in early public education. Through this program, Free People will be distributing 10 awards of $4,000 each to public school educators across the United States in great need of support in teaching art, music, dance, theater, and creative writing and other artistic disciplines.