Thursday, February 25, 2010

 As a way to celebrate the successes of the past 50 years in the arts field, Americans for the Arts has collected Green Papers from a variety of national arts service organizations and peer groups representing more than 20 different perspectives and disciplines. These Green Papers are short, easy to read, visions of the future meant to inspire a nationwide dialogue on the future of the arts. You can participate in one or more conversation topics by visiting the Green Papers section of the ARTSblog at

Green Papers are a chance for you to talk about a particular discipline or interest area in a facilitated, open forum. Each participating organization who authored a Green Paper also selected an emerging leader Ambassador to facilitate discussion about the related Paper. The Green Papers ambassadors will continue this dialogue throughout the year--capturing and synthesizing the ideas, changes, and themes that arise from online discussions. Ambassadors will be led by a group facilitator, Eric Booth, and at the end of the year, new Green Papers will emerge that will reflect the overarching changes and ideas proposed through this open forum.