Thursday, December 15, 2022

Screenshot of an online database showing images and descriptions of resources.

Americans for the Arts, in collaboration with rootoftwo, is pleased to share a new online database of research and resources related to cultural asset mapping and identification. As a key strategy in supporting the development of inclusive creative economies across the nation, this database provides a distilled jumping off point for learning and growth related to community- and asset-based approaches for equitable development. 

This resource bank allows practitioners to filter research and case studies based on the type of area they wish to understand, the degree of community participation, whether the study is short-term or longitudinal, whether it was top-down/expert-led or community-based, and the focus of what kind of cultural assets were being identified (tangible, quantitative, intangible, etc.). 

This research, in the words of rootoftwo, is designed to “inform strategies and identify opportunities for asset mapping and asset-based approaches for recovery, renewal, and reimagining efforts which center racial equity and the valuing of marginalized communities within urban, suburban, rural, and tribal geographies.” Our hope is that this collection allows for curiosity, inspiration, interrogation of practice and policy, and connection among communities interested in doing this work. 

To view the database, visit the Creative Economy topic page and scroll to the “Research” section.