Wednesday, April 26, 2017

As the Trump administration and Congress begin to work on tax reform, Americans for the Arts releases a statement about the importance of preserving tax deduction incentives for charitable giving to all nonprofit charities in the United States.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the charitable contribution deduction. This legislation was enacted by Congress to promote charitable giving by Americans. It empowers individuals to give of their personal income for the benefit of the public. Americans for the Arts will oppose policies that remove incentives for charitable giving or limit the full scope and value of the tax deduction—for all forms of charitable gifts (arts, religion, education, environment, etc.). We will work to ensure that any change made in tax reform does no less than encourage even more giving by more Americans. With that in mind, Americans for the Arts has joined the Giving100 campaign that seeks to allow charitable tax deductions for all Americans.

Read the full statement, including ways to make your voice heard, here.