Robert Lynch, CEO of Americans for the Arts, and Jane Chu, Chairman of the NEA, write to USA Today on Creative Careers

Friday, September 19, 2014

Robert Lynch, CEO and President of Americans for the Arts, and Jane Chu, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, wrote for a special insert on arts education and creative careers to Mediaplanet featured in today's edition of USA TODAY. By no coincidence is National Arts in Education week, Americans for the Arts is currently hosting an ARTSBlog salon on creative youth development, and hosting our 8th annual National Arts Policy Roundtable focusing on arts and technology this week in Sundance, Utah. 

Countless studies have demonstrated the immeasurable benefits of art education. Academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement and equitable opportunity - all things we want for our children - have been linked to a well rounded education that includes the arts. However, many schools across the country have made difficult decisions to eliminate or reduce their arts education programs due to budget constraints. Both Lynch and Chu use the numbers to link arts education to more innovative, creative, and successful adult professionals and citizens later in life.

Robert Lynch: "Not every young person will go on to be an artist. But they will all be better students, employees, and citizens if they indeed have opportunities to embrace their creativity." Read Lynch's full article, Make Art, Transform Lives: The Imprtance of Arts Education

Jane Chu: "By increasing access to art education, we are not only equipping our children with creative reasoning, but we are helping to cultivate arts appreciation within a new generation." Read Chu's full article, Fostering Creative Career Exploration.

Check out the digital platform created to accompany the insert in USA Today at the link below.