An Interview with Thomson Reuter's Melanie Childress Carucci

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Melanie Childress Carucci is a Global Business Director at Thomson Reuters and Chair of the Board of the Arts & Business Council of New York (ABC/NY). She worked with ABC/NY’s arts-based employee engagement platform and the Thomson Reuters Project Empire employee resource group to launch Thomson Reuters Arts & Culture (TRAC)–a program geared towards building an outlet for employee creativity. In this interview, Melanie talks about corporate and personal benefits of the arts, as well as her vision for what TRAC could become.

Why is bringing the arts to the Thomson Reuters community important for you?
I have a personal passion for the arts and know how meaningful artistic expression, engagement and par­ticipation can be to an individual. This meaning creates a fulfillment and mindfulness that’s hard to replicate. I know this passion is shared across many colleagues at Thomson Reuters, particularly here in New York, which has such a vibrant cultural landscape. And the value that the arts can bring to a business setting and corporate goals is immeasurable (more on that later).

What do you hope to see with TRAC in 2017?
My hope is that TRAC creates a channel of engagement opportunities for all of those at Thomson Reuters who have artis­tic abilities, passions or just curiosity. These engage­ments will drive stronger relationships and a sense of “giving back” to the community that supports us here in New York. These could include employee showcases, volun­teer opportunities, non-profit arts organization sup­port and board placement, etc. The opportunities are endless!

How might TRAC have business implications?
Engagement in the arts promotes a more innovative and engaged workforce. We are all challenged to pro­vide a fresh perspective or a different lens to solving problems–the arts cultivate this diversity of thought. Participation in the arts can also foster dynamic in­teractions and collaboration amongst teams, further strengthening our relationships with our colleagues and our customers.

Do you have any hidden artistic talents?
I don’t know about “hidden talents,” but I am a classi­cally trained ballerina, performing en pointe for near­ly 15 years. Ballet (and all forms of the creative arts) requires a tremendous amount of dedication, discipline and passion for the trade. I learned invaluable skills dancing for a company in New Orleans (my hometown) that continue to serve me in my job today.

In December 2016, TRAC was launched with staff performances and opportunities to sign up to volunteer with arts organizations. TRAC will continue to serve as the platform to help empower Thomson Reuters employees to bring their whole selves to work, hidden talent and all. They believe that greater engagement and network­ing opportunities created through this program will continue to make Thomson Reuters somewhere that people want to be and where all can be heard.