Dec 28, 2013

In November, the Theatre Development Fund made the holiday season extra bright with a special showing of Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. What made this performance different from any other night’s? For one night, actors and producers altered the show specifically so that autistic kids and adults – who are especially sensitive to lights and sounds - could enjoy it.

Dec 21, 2013

Enghien-les-Bains (France) and Sapporo (Japan) have been designated UNESCO Cities of Media Arts, and Paducah, Kentucky (United States of America) is the most recent City of Crafts and Folk Arts.

Dec 12, 2013

Just in time for the 2013 holiday season, Rhode Island is elimintating the state tax on artwork and liquor. Starting Dec. 1, the sales tax for any original or limited edition works of art was eliminated as the state launches a first-in-the-nation statewide arts district. Additionally, starting Dec. 1, wine and spirits purchased from a liquor store in Rhode Island will no longer carry a 7-percent sales tax, but beer and other alcoholic beverages will. State Tax Administrator David M.

Dec 12, 2013

Wish you could be an art collector but can never afford the price tag of the pieces you'd truly want? There is hope for those attending the world-famous Southeby's Paris this week. Today, December 12, they will be raffling off a $1 million dollar original Picasso masterpiece - the 1914 cubist drawing L'homme au Gibus, Man with Opera Hat - for only 100 euros, or $130.00.

Dec 10, 2013

The Crystal Bridges Museum of Contemporary Art opened in 2011 with a vision: to make contemporary art accessible, both physically and intellectually, for the people of Bentonville, Ark. and the surrounding area. The museum’s president, Don Bacigalupi, and his curator for special projects, Chad Alligood, are currently midway through a cross-country road trip, visiting 400 studios and 40 cities over the past six months to witness firsthand what’s actually going on in contemporary American art.

Dec 10, 2013

Jan Stevenson writes to the Post Gazette about the ways in which businesses help support the arts in the Fox Valley region. She sites one of Americans for the Arts' Business Committee for the Arts survey in stating cash and non-cash giving by businesses in support of arts programs between 2009 and 2012 has increased by 18 percent, which means they have returned to near 2006 levels.

Dec 07, 2013

On Friday, Decemeber 6, an open house for the Community of the Arts at Turman Gallery featured artwork created by adult students participating in metal sculpture and digital photography classes. The students in the metal scuplture class had three dimensional steel sculpture work displayed, and on the other end of the specturem, children's artwork from the Saturday art classes for kids.

Dec 06, 2013

English students at West Virginia University disuss Oxford's recently-defined word of the year, "selfie." The word first appeared in Australian chat rooms in 2002 and in just the last two years, has increased in usage by 17,000 percent. The rise in popularity and usage is attributed to the continuing growth of social media as a form of communication. Everyone from teens to celebreties are using the word to describe photos they take of themsleves.

Dec 03, 2013

Artists debate over whether the color white should be categorized as a color, since it is technically the absence of hue. White is an essential element of any artists palette, even though it is not usually represented on the color wheel.

Nov 26, 2013

According to Jennifer DeChant - executive director of the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath, Maine - arts and culture are underrated and understated contributors to the economy in Southern Maine. She believes community arts organizations are a place to display local talent, but also offer teaching opportunities for young students.