Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lia Summers, the Senior Advisor for Art and Culture to the Mayor of Salt Lake City, appeared on ABC News to discuss the importance of the arts to Salt Lake City’s economy. The Salt Lake City Arts Council recently participated in a study—led by Americans for the Arts—called Arts and Economic Prosperity 5, which measured the economic impact of the nonprofit arts and culture industry in 341 regions nationwide.

The study found that arts and culture nonprofits in Salt Lake City generate $306.6 million in economic activity annually. These organizations pay employees, contract for services, and purchase supplies within their communities, which helps fuel the city’s economy. In addition, people who attend nonprofit arts and cultural events spend an average of $26.25 per person on dining, shopping, transportation, and more. This money goes directly into the pockets of local businesses.

Source Name: 
ABC 4 Utah
Author Name: 
Ali Monsen