Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Des Moines, Iowa is the fastest growing city in the Midwest. Just last year, greater Des Moines added 12,145 residents to reach a total population of 634,725. With this influx of people comes economic growth, to which the city’s nonprofit arts and culture sector makes a significant contribution.

According to Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5), the latest economic impact study by Americans for the Arts, the greater Des Moines region’s nonprofit arts and culture industry generated $185 million in economic activity in 2015. This figure shows huge growth from the estimated $54.1 million economic impact the sector produced in 2003, according to a report commissioned by the nonprofit Bravo Greater Des Moines. Bravo acted this year as a local study partner for AEP5.

“Arts and culture can sometimes be perceived as these nice-to-have amenities,” said Sally Dix, Bravo’s executive director. “Sort of like, isn’t it great that we have a science center for people who like that or isn’t it great that we have a botanic garden for people who like that. What we are saying and what we can use this study to show is that all these organizations and institutions work together to create significant economic impact.”

Source Name: 
The Des Moines Register
Author Name: 
Courtney Crowder