Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) recently announced the appointment of a new executive director, Christin Crampton Day. With 30 years of professional experience in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, Crampton Day understands the important connection between arts and business.

Crampton Day brings a strong background in communications, fundraising, management, and strategic planning, having been co-owner at Schenkein and, most recently, Senior Director of Public Relations at Barnhart. She was also Executive Director of Ballet Nouveau Colorado. Crampton Day is a life-long advocate for the arts, serving on the Colorado Ballet Board of Trustees for 13 years, among numerous other volunteer leadership roles. A graduate of CBCA’s inaugural Leadership Arts class, Crampton Day was honored with CBCA’s Cultural Leadership Award in May 2016.

“I am delighted to join CBCA, an organization I have admired for many years,” said Crampton Day. “Perhaps more than ever this is a pivotal time for the arts in Colorado; the importance it has on our lives and livelihood, enriching our community, and providing people with passion and purpose, heart and soul, as well as diversity, acceptance and healing. Colorado’s creative industries drive our economy and CBCA is a critical leader, connector, facilitator and community partner for arts advocacy and engagement; and I am inspired to champion CBCA’s mission at the intersection of arts and business,” she added.

Crampton Day is taking the place of Deborah Jordy, a current Americans for the Arts board member and former member of the Private Sector Council of Americans for the Arts. Jordy worked as executive director of the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts since 2004, and started her new role as executive director of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District in January 2017.