Tuesday, May 28, 2019

For many young students, finding ways to cope with everyday stress can be difficult. Mindful Music Moments, a relaxation program based in Ohio, collaborated with the Cleveland Orchestra to provide students in the Greater Cleveland area classical listening segments to decompress and relax before the school day starts. Students close their eyes, meditate, or quietly work, as recordings of the Cleveland Orchestra play through loudspeakers. For many of the elementary schoolers, it is a way for them to calm down before the rest of their day starts. 

Created by Stacy Sims of Cincinnati, Mindful Music Moments was picked up by the Cleveland Orchestra to promote learning outcomes and enhance brain development throughout schools in the city. While this program encourages a new generation of classical music listeners, their main priority is creating a peaceful environment in students' stressful everyday lives.


Source Name: 
PBS News Hour
Author Name: 
David C. Barnett