Thursday, September 22, 2022

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Emergency planning is an essential component of maintaining business operations while also preserving an arts organization’s assets and collections. Organizations may not be ready to respond to emergencies such as natural disasters; emergencies resulting from an accident, deferred maintenance, or negligence; or crises associated with community unrest, cyberattacks, and public health emergencies.

By taking preparedness actions and creating a disaster plan, cultural heritage and arts organizations can reduce the risk of disaster and minimize their losses. dPlan|ArtsReady is an online emergency preparedness and response tool for arts and cultural organizations—regardless of size, scope, or discipline—to prevent or mitigate disasters, prepare for the most likely emergencies, respond quickly to minimize damage, and recover effectively while continuing to provide services to your community.

Created by NCAPER and its partners, the Performing Arts Readiness (PAR) project, ArtsReady, and NEDCC, dPlan|ArtsReady is available to all in the arts & creative sector and includes:

  • An intuitive interface that is optimized for viewing on a mobile phone.
  • Guided planning for risk assessment and preparedness actions.
  • Information for response and recovery in disasters large and small.
  • Cloud storage of your critical files for disaster response and business continuity.
  • Expert resources vetted by NEDCC and ArtsReady.
  • Printable versions of your disaster plan elements for when technology is down.

A one-year subscription to dPlan|ArtsReady for individual organizations is $59.40 ($4.95/month). A limited number of free 1-year organization subscriptions are available; fill out this form to receive a discount code. Please contact [email protected] to arrange a bulk purchase (such as a state agency purchasing on behalf of state institutions).