Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jackson Hole Public Art (JHPA) announced today the release of POP—Places of Possibility: A Public Art & Placemaking Toolkit for Rural Communities, a 37-page guide to creating a successful public art program in a small town.
Public art and placemaking bring life and vibrancy to a community. Public art has the potential to visually connect civic spaces, inspire walkable communities and to imbue the manmade environment with community character. The POP Toolkit offers tips and best practices for developing dynamic works of public art—from temporary installations to permanent commissions.  
”The POP Toolkit gives small towns a detailed roadmap for using arts and culture to improve the quality of life, boost the local economy and help address social issues,” said Carrie Geraci, director of JHPA. “Over the past five years, we have learned how to navigate both public and private art commissions, and integrate visiting artists into our own community’s character. With so many lessons under our belt, we want to share our hard-won wisdom with other communities of similar size and setting.” 
The POP Toolkit would not have been possible without the ongoing, generous support of public art administrators around the country. Americans for the Arts and national and regional directors provided insights for the Toolkit. The LOR Foundation has supported the JHPA placemaking program since its inception in 2010.