Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Organically propsed, with community buy-in and city support, San Franscico is continuing their path diversify their city through cultural and heritage districts.

Not the first of its kind in San Francisco, residents and business owners of the Third Street Corridor are looking to follow the Calle 24 Latino and SOMA Filipino Cultural Districts in the city. The predominantly African-American community, with 27 Black-owned business and 10 African-American churches, met on March 21, 2018 to "unite multiple groups vying for the designation with slightly different visions, such as whether the district should have an arts and culture focus or pay homage to African-American entrepreneurship."

The City of San Francisco is also offering support by hosting a meeting for Third Street stakeholders to "update the community on the cultural district legislation and the planning process for the designation." Last year the City passed legislation that will "protect existing culture and legacy businesses, combat displacement and help attract new businesses and patrons," and Third Street is starting their planning process to "breathe new life into a neighborhood that often calls to mind poverty and crime."

Source Name: 
The San Francisco Examiner
Author Name: 
Laura Waxmann