Monday, August 7, 2017

FOX 25 News reported from Oklahoma City, where the nonprofit arts and culture industry helps the local economy thrive. Arts and Economic Prosperity 5, a study by Americans for the Arts, found that arts and culture nonprofits generate over $602 million of economic activity in the Greater Oklahoma City region, and over $872 million in the state as a whole.

Americans for the Arts conducted this study in 2015 by gathering data from 341 study regions across the country. Oklahomans for the Arts served as a study partner for both Greater Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma.

Julia Kirt, the executive director of Oklahomans for the Arts, was thrilled with the study. “One of the great things is, it’s all about local,” she said. “It may include national or international touring but it’s about local people being employed, working, being creative and experiencing the arts.”


Source Name: 
FOX 25 News
Author Name: 
William Maetzold