Friday, May 8, 2015

We know that the arts are integral to the innovative thinking needed in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math), which is why Americans for the Arts is partnering with Congressional leaders, the private sector, educators, and researchers to make visible the amazing work happening around the country in STEAM education. On May 7, 2015, Americans for the Arts attended a STEAM Assembly hosted by VH1 Save the Music in New York City.

Panelists from the worlds of education, the arts, business, tech and media came together to share best practices, personal stories, research, and ideas on STEAM education. Kim Richards of STEAMconnect guided everyone through the history of the STEAM movement and how STEAMconnect is working to discover the best examples of STEAM around the country.

Masi Oka (actor from the TV show "Heroes") spoke about taking up theater while studying at Brown to round out his math/computer education.

Grammy-nominated R&B artist Kenny Lattimore spoke eloquently about his passion for music and the important role of music in education. Dr. Gabriella Musacchia presented her research about the effects of music education on the brain. Rosmarie Truglio of Sesame Street showed a clip from the show and then broke down the STEAM learning that was taking place in the episode.

Miguel Centeno called STEAM a "workforce development imperative" and passionately and eloquently described why Aetna invests in STEAM education. (Aetna is a 2011 recipient of the BCA 10. Additionally, Floyd W. Green III, the Vice President and Head of Community Relations and Urban Marketing at Aetna, sits on AFTA’s Board of Directors.)

The event was recorded and the broadcast can be viewed at: