Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In 2013, the City of Minneapolis and Intermedia Arts collaborated on Creative CityMaking, a program aimed at integrating creative thinking, strategies, and processes into the ongoing operations of City Departments. In this new case study, Creative CityMaking: In Search of the New Village, William Cleveland from the Center for the Study of Art & Community offers an engaging, in-depth excavation of the genesis, planning, and implementation of Creative CityMaking. Detailed stories of the five collaborative projects at the heart of Creative CityMaking, along with analysis of outcomes and learning, provide an illuminating and instructive look at how collaboration between artists and municipal government can achieve more diverse participation and greater equity in public process.

Read the full abstract and download the case study.

Creative CityMaking: In Search of the New Village was written by William Cleveland, in partnership with Intermedia Arts. The paper was edited and designed by the Animating Democracy program at Americans for the Arts.