Philosophy, Art, and Religion: Understanding Faith and Creativity


Research Abstract
Philosophy, Art, and Religion: Understanding Faith and Creativity

At a time when religion and science are thought to be at loggerheads, art is widely hailed as religion's natural spiritual ally. Philosophy, Art, and Religion investigates the extent to which this is true. It charts the way in which modern conceptions of 'Art' often marginalize the sacred arts, construing choral and instrumental music, painting and iconography, poetry, drama, and architecture as 'applied' arts that necessarily fall short of the ideal of 'art for art's sake'. Drawing on both history of art and philosophical aesthetics, Graham sets out the historical context in which the arts came to free themselves from religious patronage, in order to conceptualize the cultural context in which religious art currently finds itself. The book then relocates religious art within the aesthetics of everyday life. Subsequent chapters systematically explore each of the sacred arts, using a wide range of illustrative examples to uncover the ways in which artworks can illuminate religious faith, and religious content can lend artworks a deeper dimension.

'Gordon Graham's Philosophy, Art, and Religion has a claim to being the best book on art and religion published over the past several decades. The book's philosophical thought and prose are exceptional.' Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology Emeritus, Yale University, Connecticut


Gordon Graham
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September 7, 2017

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