What Americans Say About the Arts in 2018


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What Americans Say About the Arts in 2018

What Americans Say About the Arts in 2018

  1. “The arts provide meaning to our lives.”
  2. “The arts unify our communities.”
  3. “Most of us seek out arts experiences.”
  4. “We experience the arts in unexpected places.”
  5.  “There is near universal support for arts education.”
  6. “We support government arts funding at all levels.”
  7. “We will vote for candidates who increase arts funding.”
  8. “We make art in our personal time.”
  9. “Creativity boosts job success.”
  10. “Cultural institutions add value to our community.”
  11.  “We donate to the arts.”
  12. “Not everyone in my community has equal access to the arts.”

Americans are highly engaged in the arts and believe more strongly than ever that the arts promote personal well-being, help us understand other cultures in our community, are essential to a well-rounded K-12 education, and that government has an important role in funding the arts.


Cohen, Randy
September 2018

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