What Americans Believe About the Arts


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What Americans Believe About the Arts

Americans Speak Out About The Arts in 2018 is the second in a series of national public opinion surveys about the arts (the first was conducted in 2015). The poll was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs (the third largest survey research firm in the world) on behalf of Americans for the Arts during the week of May 9-16, 2018. To ensure precision in the findings, a sample of 3,023 adults were interviewed online (by way of comparison, the typical national political poll has a sample size of just 1,000 adults). The accuracy of Ipsos online polls has a credibility interval of ±2.0 percentage points.

Americans are highly engaged in the arts and believe more strongly than ever that the arts promote personal well-being, help us understand other cultures in our community, are essential to a well-rounded K-12 education, and that government has an important role in funding the arts.


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