2015 Colorado Artists Needs Assessment Report


Research Abstract
2015 Colorado Artists Needs Assessment Report

While Colorado hosts a constellation of active arts nonprofits across the state, there remains critical gaps in support services for artists. Few creative project grants are available from traditional funding sources within the state, nor is there equitable access to career training, meaningful peer networks, or exhibition opportunities for many arts living in rural regions. A statewide survey on visual artists’ main concerns and needs revealed that, while some are making a living as artists, many work two jobs and struggle to afford health care, raise families, and remain dedicated to their art making and creative career goals.

This needs assessment report quantifies key challenges facing Colorado’s visual artists and identifies potential solutions to those challenges. The information will help Colorado Artists, other arts organizations and local cultural agencies better understand and collectively respond to the needs of the state’s creative community.


Waldorf, Lynn
February 2016
Generations, by Cliff Austin

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