Snow Words


Title: Snow Words
Photo Credit: Alex Fradkin
Lead Artist(s):

<p>Snow words flies in from the mountains outside and settles into the lobby of the Crime Detection Lab in Anchorage, Alaska. It takes shape in columns of alternation - standing up, serried and staccato. LED lights power the forms to give warmth and the art work acts as a talisman for the users of the building, the light bars are symbolic code for the forensic research they undertake &ndash; investigative tracts, relentless pursuit. The illumination has different speeds, gapped along the vertical in location, also fattening and thinning within individual bar enclosures. Gaps along the vertical that are varied, appear random; but their secret is a hidden code, which organizes and creates episodes. As a time clock the bars of light sequence day to night or rotate around their rings in time with the earth&rsquo;s revolution. Programmed by computer, the bars of light become an endless invention of form and substance, like snow crystals, which take infinite shapes, but one formula beneath form. Aluminium rods connect the acrylic light boxes. Within each box four LED lights arranged in cruciform position illuminate the enclosure. They are so arranged to interfere with each other, and result in a suspended light bar within the acrylic cover. Code within code. Light within light. At the heart of the Crime Detection Lab work, Snow Words is the simple argument, that a secret in itself is beautiful and once understood somehow the world that grows around it is never barren but fruitful.</p>

Municipal Building/Site
Lobby of the Alaska State Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory
Alaska State Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory
5700 E Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99507
United States

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Alaska State Council on the Arts
Balmond Studio

LED, Metal, Painting
Paint (acrylic), metal (aluminum)

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